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Humans are wild creatures. Everything about us is difficult to understand. We get into fights very easily and never see what we really ought to. We never have time to ponder upon things around us. Of what age are you? Have you ever wondered how much have you seen nature? How much you got to ponder upon the little things in life? Take some time and think on it.

We never really get the time to notice the marvels of nature; the sky stars, galaxies how beautiful are they. Let’s take the most basic thing around us; that is water. You use it every day but ever took time to notice it? You would have studied in your middle about it existence in all three states. Water is a great solvent. Of all the qualities of water, it having the anomalous expansion is the most important. Exploiting the different qualities of water, ice makers have been developed.

What It Does?

As mentioned above, water exists in all three sates of matter. On decreasing its temperature, it’s gets to its freezing point and gets into solid form as ice. Praised be God, another thing to consider is its anomalous behavior which is the secret of having greater amount of ice from lesser amount of water. This is what the icemaker does. It produces ice in a very short time and provides all the ice you need.

 How It Works?

It all starts with the evaporator in the portable ice maker.  Its function is to evaporate the smallest of molecules of water. Next is the condenser. It functions for cleaning the water and freeing it of all the impurities. The compressor comes next which changes the low pressure vapors to the high pressure vapors hence putting it into the next level. At the end, the exchanging of heat occurs and ice comes into creation.  That’s how it really works. Isn’t it amazing?

 Secret Publicized

No one has ever told you which product is best but we are daring enough to share the truth with customers. Following are top 5 portable ice makers currently available in the market. All other ice makers are either of poor quality or have limited features and high price. So, if you are planning to buy a portable ice maker this summer then you must buy any of the following.

  1. NewAir AI-100R Icemaker
  2. NewAir AI-100S Ice Maker
  3. EdgeStar Titanium Ice Maker
  4. Koldfront Ice Maker
  5. NewAir AI-100BK Ice Maker
Best Portable Ice Makers
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NewAir AI-100R Icemaker14.5 x 11.8 x 15 inchesRed/WhiteRead Detailed Reviews3.9See At Amazon
NewAir AI-100S Ice Maker14.5 x 11.8 x 15 inchesSilver/WhiteRead Detailed Review3.8See At Amazon
EdgeStar Titanium Ice Maker14.5 x 11.8 x 14.5 inchesTitaniumRead Full Review3.9See At Amazon
Koldfront Ice Maker-----WhiteRead Full Review3.5See At Amazon
NewAir AI-100BK Ice Maker14.5 x 11.8 x 15 inchesBlack/WhiteRead full Review4.0See At Amazon

 NewAir AI-100R Icemaker

NewAir-AI-100R-28-Pound-Portable-Icemaker big

Portable icemakers are relatively new in the market and therefore before deciding whether you should get one or not, it is essential that you understand what this innovative machine has to offer you in terms of its features and functionality.


Online shopping is in the most basic sense a risky venture. Since the appliance is not in front of you thus you cannot quite manage to properly examine it and so people depend highly on online reviews which highlight the product’s novel features which you can then match with your preferences to make a rewarding purchase.

Make Ice Faster: This portable ice machine just requires 15 minutes in making ice. You may add water in it and grab a drink. Ice will be ready the moment you will take the last sip of your drink.

Productivity: Another distinguishing feature of this ice maker is its higher productivity. It can make 28 pounds of ice every day.

User friendly controls: This state of the art icemaker comes with an upfront LED control panel from which you can easily choose the size of the ice that you want. Its push button electronic system and LED light indicators let you know when your ice is ready and when you need to add more water. Moreover, this mini ice maker only requires a standard 120 Volts socket thus saving you the extra cost of hiring an electrician to alter your electrical connections.

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NewAir AI-100S Ice Maker

NewAir AI-100S 28-Pound Portable Ice Maker, Silver big

Once upon a time ice makers were generally used commercially in restaurants, cafes and other such establishments because they had to cater to large crowds. However, over the years this trend has become more centralized to the individual’s household. Since these large gatherings tend to be costly, technicians and engineers have started to cut costs where ever they can by inventing new innovative and cost effective appliances.


Following are distinguishing features of this ice maker machine.

Has Led Control Mechanism: This ice maker has a led control panel with the help of which you can select the size you want for ice cubes. This unit can produce ice cubes in three different sizes from small to large.

No Installation Needed: As this machine is portable so there is no need to install it. You just have to place it anywhere in kitchen or in room. Add some water in it and wait for a few minutes for the ice.

Fast production of ice: Unlike other portable ice makers, the NewAir AI-100S Ice Maker is capable of producing 28 pounds of ice cubes every day with an average of 9 pieces per cycle. Each production cycle lasts 6 to 15 minutes depending on your preferred load and size of the ice. Furthermore, this mini ice maker also allows you to choose between three different sizes of ice; small, medium and large according to your liking and requirement. If your ice starts to melt, the recycling action will start hence refreezing all the semi melted ice.


I highly suggest buying this ice maker as it can produce higher amount of ice within minimum time.

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EdgeStar Titanium Portable Ice Maker

EdgeStar Titanium Portable Ice Maker - Titanium big

Before going to buy a portable ice maker, one must understand what exclusive features it has to offer and what makes it so different from regular commercial based ice makers. Following is an extensive and thorough overview of the unique and stylish features, EdgeStar Titanium Portable Ice Maker has.

Storage Bin: The EdgeStar Titanium Portable Ice Maker has a spacious integrated bin that can hold huge amount of ice cubes at a time. The minimum amount it can store is 2.5 pounds. It’s well insulated thus the ice can hold up without melting for approximately an hour. However, even if the ice does start to melt, the recycling process shall automatically start thus freezing the melted ice again therefore it doesn’t need a drain line. Also, please note, even though the EdgeStar Titanium Portable Ice Maker is insulated, it is not a freezer.

 Ice Production is Higher: This portable ice maker can produce ice in bulk to fulfill your needs. Need for ice cubes increases with the increase in temperature. The worst thing is that refrigerator stop working in summers so the only option you have is an efficient ice maker. You can produce at least 28 pounds of ice every day without any break.

User friendly controls: this innovative appliance comes equipped with simple touch sensitive controls which let you choose from between different sizes of ice cubes and LED lights indicate when the tub requires water and when it should be emptied out.


Though, this ice maker is relatively expensive compared to other ice makers yet, it is highly efficient and it also has extraordinary features. In short, it is a good ice maker.

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Koldfront Ice Maker

Koldfront Ultra Compact Portable Ice Maker - White big

Portable ice makers are very different from commercially used ice makers. What makes them so different is their unique set of features. Therefore, before purchasing a portable ice maker any buyer thoroughly examines the features any appliance has to offer.


Following is an extensive overview of the Koldfront Ice Maker’s novel features.

Portable and compact design:As the name suggests, this Ice Maker is indeed ultra-portable and compact as it can fit into any small spaces and is best suited for RVs, Kitchen tops and yachts. Moreover, it can easily be carried around at your convenience to picnic and campsites because of its light 31 pounds weight. All it requires is a standard 110Volts outlet thus, saving up on your electrician’s bill of permanent installation.

Highly Efficient: If you arrange parties and functions at home too often then you must buy this ice maker as it can easily make up to 26 pounds of ice every day. The good thing is that it creates ice in two different cube sizes. Ice cubes will never be an issue for you now.

Take Less Time: Another distinguishing feature of this ice maker is that it creates ice within just 10 minutes. You just need to place tap water in it.


The Koldfront Ultra Compact Portable Ice Maker is perfect for household use as it can produce an adequate amount of ice in decent time for a family’s personal use or a gathering.

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NewAir AI-100BK Ice Maker

NewAir-AI-100BK-28-Pound-Portable-Maker big

Portable ice makers are relatively new in the market but have still managed to win the hearts of many. One such example is of the NewAir AI-100BK Portable Stainless Steel Ice Maker which can be carried and placed around at your convenience.


Before settling on any appliance you must duly understand what features it has to offer because online shopping can be very unreliable since you don’t have the liberty of inspecting the product first hand. Following is an in-depth review on the NewAir AI-100BK and its unique features.

Good Unit: A lot of people complimented its good looks and durable stainless steel body and others appreciated the fast ice production system. However, there were a few people who complained about the overall quality of the ice maker as in some cases it seemed to have malfunctioned but it might be due to its inappropriate use.

Less maintenance: This smart and innovative appliance does not require a standard drainage system unlike other portable ice makers thus cutting down on leakages and added mess. Also, the recycling system automatically refreezes the melted ice so you don’t need to keep adding extra water in the compartment.

Higher Production: This ice maker can make as much as 28 pounds of ice cubes which means that you will never need to rush towards the nearby market for buying ice in the future. You can now fulfill your domestic ice needs easily even if there is a party or gathering at your place.


After extensively scrutinizing the product and its unique features, I have come to a conclusion that it is indeed a powerful and innovative appliance which would suit the needs of any either on the road, at home or even in an office.

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Buyers guide for portable icemakers

 Buying a portable icemaker can be a tedious and strenuous job. However, picking out the best icemaker to suit your preferences and living arrangements has been made easy with the help of this guider’s manual.

Following is a descriptive analysis of the facts one must consider when going to purchase an ice maker.

Storage: As the name suggests, your portable ice maker is relatively smaller in size as compared to commercial ice makers. However, most storage bins have the capacity to hold up to 4 pounds of ice in a go which is good enough for one serving. However, since your ice is fast producing you don’t need to worry too much about the capacity. Yet, understand quantity of ice you generally require in a go and then go ahead to buy a portable ice maker.

Amount: The amount of ice that you require for your household or your use will adequately determine the size of the icemaker that you should get. A large portable icemaker has the capacity to produce at least 35 pound of ice in a day where as a small icemaker can produce 28 pounds per day. Hence, before buying a portable ice maker, determine your use and requirement so you may get the best fit size for your household.

Types and sizes of ice: Nowadays, portable ice makers are capable of producing various sizes and kinds of ice cubes suited for different occasion. Let it be known, the melting time for each kind varies individually thus, this is also an important factor in determining the kind of ice maker to get. It is suggested that you get the ice maker that allows you different options to customize your ice cubes according to occasion and preference.

Purpose of Portable ice maker: The kind of ice maker you purchase also depends on the purpose of the ice that it will produce. Ice maybe used recreationally or for health purposes thus may take up time accordingly. Therefore it is vital that you determine the prime use of your portable ice maker before purchasing it.

Water filter: It is suggested that you purchase a portable ice maker which comes attached with a water filter because, it will help produce fresh and better tasting ice. Mineral build up will lessen as well as the efficiency of ice making will increase.

Maintenance: The best portable ice maker is the one that can be easily maintained and cleaned as it can be stored and placed around. Some icemakers may require manual drainage while other come equipped with a self-cleaning process. Either ways, make sure you appliance if easy to maintain without any added hassles.

Speed: Fast production of ice is highly essential for a portable ice maker. You can determine this by the amount of ice produced in a variable time frame of 24 hours. Ideally, most portable icemakers are equipped to produce a minimum of 28 pounds of fresh ice in a day. Some models may produce 4 to 6 pounds of ice in 8 to 10minutes thus, pay attention to the time spent in producing ice.

Display: User friendly controls and a clear display are important for every portable ice maker. These factors are helpful to any laymen and the easier they are to use; the more likely it will be the public’s favorite. Make sure to get an ice maker with a LCD display and back light for optimal use during the night.

Cost: Price is an important factor in buying an icemaker. And to properly determine you are not getting ripped off or buying something not worth it; do a proper and thorough survey of the market. By comparing features and prices, you will be better able to make a decision.


In conclusion it can be said that in comparison to a commercial ice maker, your portable ice machine will be much easier to buy especially with the above discussed pointers. It is highly important that you understand your ice requirements before going to buy an icemaker since it will help you choose the size best fit for you.